Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Necessary Habits for Small Business Owners

In my time as a small business owner, I've made mistakes, and I've seen others make them too. So, here is a list of habits and practices you NEED to follow as a small business owner to be successful. But, through everything, despite mistakes, and against your nay-sayers, believe in yourself. Your enthusiasm and faith will push your business farther than anything else.

On Social Media:
  1. NEVER use profanity on social media- not even on your personal page. Protect your brand and your business's integrity. Don't even drop a "lmao". Your personal self becomes a part of your brand. Remember that. If you have profanity on your social media, delete it, now. It's tacky and unprofessional.
  2. Use PROPER GRAMMAR. I can't stress this enough. Capitalize  words properly, use commas and periods, and spell words correctly. In today's world with so many technological tools, poor grammar is inexcusable as a professional. If grammar isn't your strong suit, pay attention to those lines under misspelled words. Make sure you are representing your brand well with every word you type. 
  3. Don't only post about your business. Yes, you represent your business, but you're also a person. 
  4. Be positive, always. 
In Everyday Life:
  1. Don't ever speak badly about your business.
  2. Take the time to organize your life. Make a plan so you can find a work/life balance.
  3. Breathe, and walk away for a minute. Yes, you are your business, but your business is not you. It is okay to take a minute, or an hour, for yourself. 
In Business:
  1. Always be courteous.
  2. Stay organized!!!
  3. Give stellar customer service. 
  4. Periodically put yourself in your customer's shoes and imagine your interactions with them from their perspective. Really think about what you would enjoy about doing business with you and what you wouldn't enjoy. Then, work to make yourself and your business better.
  5. Never beg for or insist on business or participation. It's not worth your time. The right people are there, find them. 
  6. Be you! We sell best to people like us. Be you, a professional you.