Friday, January 23, 2015

10 Things Office Workers Know to be True

      1.     Paper cuts HURT- a lot. 
2.     Office appliances are often overly ambitious. 
o    "You call yourself an office-grade shredder but can't handle a greeting card? Even I can rip up one of those, and you cost more than my monthly salary!"
3.     Coffee is ESSENTIAL! 
4.     Binder clips, post-its, highlighters, and scanners are your minions.    
5.     It is quite possible to fall in love with office supplies. They're so pretty and practical.
6.     Your home computer/printer/ stapler/ etc. will always be inferior to your work versions. Doing office-type work at home feels like driving a Fred Flintstone car. 

7.      The wait for your coworker to return from their "quick" meeting or smoke break is excruciating when you need to pee.
o    Cue awkward sitting positions. 
8.     Your coworkers become your family. They may be just as dysfunctional as your real family, but you still love them. (That's the point of cubicles and individual office spaces in office suites. Remember when you and your siblings didn't get along, and your mom sent you to your rooms? Coworkers need separation too, but we will venture out and bond with one another as we feel the need.)
9.       Thank-you's, appreciation for details, and small gestures go a LONG way. Whether someone notices that you stapled their packets on the side rather than the top for easier use (by the way that's how it SHOULD be done)  or someone leaves a nice note on a pretty Post-it on your desk, these things can really brighten a person's day. Acknowledgement of small things can really encourage people and help them to stay positive while entering data or something else eye-straining and tedious.
    10. There is no such thing as an "average day". Some days are fiercely chaotic                 and others are flat boring, but either way you and your coworkers will have            some laughs and make the most of it.