Sunday, December 21, 2014

Free Fitbit! Well, Might as Well be.

Are you trying to find a fitness plan that will keep you motivated? Do you have a fitness goal for the upcoming year? Have you looked at buying a product like a Fitbit to help you reach your goals? If any of these apply to you and you own an iPhone (or other smartphone), this post is for you!

(If you have a smart phone other than an iPhone, you can still use the MyFitnessPal app and download pedometer apps to track your steps.) 

Okay, so now you're probably wondering where this "Free Fitbit" comes in. Well, if you have an iPhone, you basically already have one! With the latest iOS 8.1.2 update comes this app,

 iHealth tracks your steps and puts them into a nice line graph to track your progress.
Now, you may be wondering about the sleep monitoring aspect of the Fitbit and how it comes into play here. For this feature as well as extra motivation, use Lark!

When Lark is synced with your iPhone step tracker (easily done in the Lark settings), it will track your steps and your sleep patterns. My favorite feature of this app is the text message style it uses to give you feedback and report your data. You can have a dialogue with the app, and it will make meal suggestions and give you tidbits of motivation!

Now, do you also want to track your calorie, carbohydrate, protein, water, salt, or sugar intake? It's so easy with MyFitnessPal!

In this app, you can log all your food and drink intakes in a snap. You can search for foods from most popular restaurants and scan bar-codes to take away some of the guesswork and improve your tracking accuracy. MyFitnessPal will analyze your nutrition intakes and report them in an easy to use pie graph or detailed list. 

But that's not all, you can sync MyFitnessPal with your iPhone step tracker too, and it will factor those steps into your exercise for the day and add the calories burned to your daily allotment!

Need more motivation? 
These apps from FitnessStar, FitnessStar Yoga and FitnessStar Personal Trainer will design workouts just for you!

Guess what else, these will also sync with MyFitnessPal so you don't have to manually enter in your workout data! 

Now, I have one more app for you that can help to keep you motivated.

EveryMove also syncs with your iPhone Step Tracker and rewards you for walking! Some employers even have reward systems for employees that use EveryMove.  Try it out!

I hope these apps help you in reaching your fitness goals and save you some money! My personal goal is to simply get healthier and take better care of myself, and I think these will help. I will keep you updated on my progress. Feel free to share any tips and successes with me; I'd love to hear about them!